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Ionizadores de Agua Alcalina

The Top Reasons Why LIFE is the The First and Only Choice

  • SMPS Undercounter Ionizer
  • LIFE UV Light Technology™
  • Listed in the World Wide Physicians Desk Reference
  • Patented, advanced LIFE MESH Technology
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Filter Technology
  • SMPS Ionizer with 7 Titanium Plates
  • SMPS Ionizer with UL Certification (U.S. and Canada)
  • 7-plate Ionizer with adjustable amperage settings
  • Offer free water reports and customized pre-filters
  • Offer an extended 10-year warranty
  • Endorsed and recommended by the worldwide organization People Against Cancer
  • Offer a LIFEtime warranty
  • Ionizer NSF/ANSI certified by the WQA as a lead free product